Aventurine Crystal Bracelet

Aventurine Sun Bracelet

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This gorgeous green crystal bracelet is made of a blend of natural shades of Aventurine, an ideal choice for a true lover of this crystal. Handmade in Aotearoa and one of a kind.

The name Aventurine comes from the word aventurescence, which refers to the shimmering effect of tiny particles of highly reflective mineral contained in a less reflective whole.

Aventurine is the heart-healer - it is linked to Anahata, the Heart Chakra, the activator of love, appreciation, and inner harmony. Connected to the middle chakra, it acts as a reminder of the harmony we need between the lower three chakras connected to Mother Earth, and higher three chakras connected to the spiritual world, in order for us to feel ultimate balance during our soul experience on earth.

Green Aventurine’s energy allows us to connect with that inner state of joy and synchronize with nature’s soothing rhythm. This comforting and secure energy gives us the confidence to move forward in life. To take risks, knowing that our heart will always be protected and safe.

Each bracelet is handmade in New Zealand from ethically sourced crystals and comes backed by our 30 day money back guarantee as well as 1 year replacement warranty. Buy now to experience the myriad benefits of crystals!

Single bracelet, consisting of 30 6mm Aventurine crystals on an elastic cord

Diameter 7cm, one size fits most

Gold plated brass sun pendant

Handmade in New Zealand

Each bracelet is one of a kind and made from undyed, ethically sourced gemstones

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