Yoga Straps - Box of 10

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Cotton Yoga Strap (Color) Saffron

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Introducing our Organic Cotton Yoga Strap Wholesale Pack - a set of 10 high-quality yoga straps designed to provide the perfect support and assistance for your clients' yoga practice. Whether they need help reaching deeper into stretches or holding poses for longer, our yoga straps are the ultimate prop to improve flexibility and enhance their yoga journey.

Crafted with care, we use 100% organic cotton to make these yoga straps, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for both your customers and the environment. The unique deep saffron color, achieved with natural dye, sets our brand apart and adds a touch of elegance to every yoga session.

Our special webbing techniques create a delicate yet durable yoga strap that can withstand even the most intense yoga sessions. No need to worry about wear and tear; these straps are built to last.

Also known as a yoga belt, stretching with a yoga strap not only helps relax stiff and tight muscles but also aids in recovery, making it a valuable addition to any yoga practice.

Upgrade your studio offerings with this Yoga Strap Wholesale Pack and offer your customers the perfect tool to deepen their yoga practice and take it to the next level!

Box of 10 Organic Yoga Straps
Length: 250cm | Webbing width: 3.8cm
Soft and sturdy cotton webbing
Rust-proof bronze buckles that are built to last
Quick and easy to adjust
Handmade in India from organic cotton
100% vegan product

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Hand-wash in cold water, or use safe or gentle cycle on the washing machine. Do not use bleach. Allow to air dry.

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Sustainably made from organic cotton and natural dyes

Sustainably Sourced

The yoga strap is made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton and tested for durability. The buckle is made of rust-proof bronze alloy.

Natural Dyes

The soft saffron colour of the strap comes from natural, plant-based dyes that are gentle on the skin and the planet.

Easy To Clean

Yoga strap can be hand washed or put in the washing machine. Just make sure it's a cold wash. Easy as child's pose!

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