We work with Carbon Neutral in Australia to plant a native tree for every order placed on our website. Why trees? We view deforestation and the rapid decline in biodiversity as one of the most worrying aspects of climate change. And with governments and corporations unlikely to change their consumption of fossil fuels in their pursuit of economic growth and profits, it is up to us as people to take measures to protect our planet. We sincerely believe that one of the most effective ways to protect the planet is to plant trees.
It is also our way of giving back to Mother Earth for her boundless generosity.

One Tree = One Tonne of Carbon

Over its lifetime, one tree can absorb and store over a tonne of carbon, in addition to providing food, home and shelter for birds and mammals.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. the second best time is now."


Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral specialises in planting trees in biodiversity corridors in Australia. The trees that they plant not only sequester carbon in these regions, but also reduce soil salinity, combat erosion, enhance biodiversity and restore habitat for native animals.

Thanks to our partnership with Carbon Neutral, planting a tree is as easy as purchasing a beautiful yoga mat.