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Our Story

The Nevins doing yoga

For about 7 years now, mother and daughter duo, Kerry and Amy, have had a passion for all things yoga - from practising at local studios to creating a steady home practice together. They adore the challenging aspects of the asanas through exploring what their bodies are capable of physically as well as the internal benefits of finding peace and stillness within challenge. Through their steady practice over the years they have applied the yoga principles to their everyday lives which has had a massive influence on managing anxiety levels and helping them live a more balanced, peaceful life.

In 2019, Amy travelled to Bali to complete her yoga teacher training where she came across Valka Yoga, a sustainable yoga startup that makes beautiful yoga gear from natural materials, planting trees along the way. She instantly fell in love with the whole ethos behind the brand and the yoga mat didn’t disappoint either! Upon returning home she gave mum (Kerry) her new yoga mat to practise on. Kerry was equally impressed. They had never come across a brand whose whole intention captured the true essence of yoga - creating Union and that truly resonated with the two yoginis. They decided that they wanted to bring these beautiful yoga mats into the UK. In the current time of challenges and crises, they wanted to share the joy of a comfortable yoga practice at home. And make high quality and ethically sourced yoga gear accessible to everyone.

Meet the Team

Kerry Nevins Valka Yoga

Kerry Nevins, Inventor & Entrepreneur

Kerry’s story is the kind that makes headlines (it actually did!). Originally a childminder, she went on to invent a colic and reflux relief cushion for infants after experiencing problems with her son. She eventually went on to sell more than 20,000 of them within her first year of launch! This led to interest in and eventually a business partnership with Dragon’s Den’s Touker Suleyman.

Kerry found yoga during a time of stress when she was juggling the launch of her new business, childminding as well as being a hands on mum. It was an opportunity to switch off, take a breath and have some much needed ‘me time’. What began as a hobby quickly became a passion and one that eventually rubbed off on Amy too. A beautiful yoga mat became an opportunity for the two of them to bond and build a sustainable business together. Kerry’s favourite asana is pigeon. Not only does it deeply open the hips but she also has found it to be an amazing emotional release.

Amy Nevins Valka Yoga

Amy Nevins, Yoga Guide & Tester of Yoga Mats

Reiki practitioner, tarot reader and private yoga instructor, Amy, first got into yoga after practising with her mum as a teenager. What began as a casual hobby soon turned into a passion, so much so that it took Amy to Bali, where she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training. Amy returned home from Bali with a fire in her belly for all things yoga so when the opportunity came along to work on Valka Yoga, she knew she was in the flow and didn’t need to think twice! Amy's go-to asana is lizard for its versatility.

Teddy Valka Yoga

Teddy, Dedicated Down Dog

Teddy is a mysterious one. On one hand, he loves cuddles. Yet we’ve never heard him utter a single word of affection. In fact, he doesn’t say anything at all. While it’s clear Teddy isn’t much of a talker, he takes any chance he can to get on the yoga mat. Often it’s when the yoga mat is already being used by someone else. Teddy is equally stubborn with his practice. It’s pretty accurate to say he’s accumulated more than 500 hours on the yoga mat. He’s also quite proficient with his down dog.