Cork Massage Ball

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Introducing the Cork Massage Ball! Handmade from 100% sustainable cork, the firm massage ball relieves muscle pain and provides tension relief. It's also a great way to improve mobility before starting a yoga class or workout. The massage ball is also completely free of all chemicals including BPAs, plastics, PVCs and petroleum. This ball is light, compact, convenient, eco-friendly and portable! It's perfect for rolling out sore and achy muscles, stimulating fitness recovery, reducing stiffness, and improving mobility.

Made from hardened cork, the cork massage ball is water-resistant and highly durable. The non-slip cork surface feels smooth and grippy, even when your skin is damp. Don't worry about slipping.

Designed by physiotherapists for accessible self-massage anywhere - be it at the yoga studio, at home or even when travelling, these massage balls are your perfect travel companion. Buy now to start massaging those sore muscles!

Diameter: 6.3cm

Weight: 100 grams

Handmade in India from recycled cork

Zero plastic, PVCs and harmful chemicals

100% vegan product

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Clean the cork ball as and when needed. Spray the cork surface with a yoga mat or natural cleaner and allow to air dry.

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Cork makes for the perfect massage companion

Perfect for Massage

Cork is the ideal material for massage. It is firm with a little bit of give, to provide effective release in areas holding tension.

Naturally Antimicrobial

Cork has antimicrobial properties. It naturally kills off microbes. As a result the massage roller naturally keeps clean and smelling fresh.

Sustainably Sourced

All cork is sourced from Portugal using an eco friendly process that doesn't harm any trees. All cork accessories are shipped plastic-free.

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